Travel essentials on long distance flights

Arrive on your destination well rested and looking fabulous: it’s all about bringing the right travel essentials! Let’s make those long distance flights as pleasant as possible with our top 8 travel essentials:

1. Toothbrush and toothpaste

This makes such a big difference! The best way to get an instant refreshed feeling.

2. Make-up remover wipes

You might think this one is just essential for the ladies but wipes are always a good idea! Wiping your face and hands clean is the next best thing besides actually washing.

3. Face serum and moisturizer

Since the air in an airplane only has about 20% humidity (your skin is happy with humidity between 40% and 70%) your skin will suffer. It’s best to use a serum followed by moisturizer with ceramides, which helps to keep the moisture in.

4. Headphones and earplugs

Many travelers I talk to use the classic silicone earplugs. If you have sensitive hearing you might want to try  noise cancelling headphones like Bose Quietcomfort.

5. Eye mask

We like the ones that block out everything, for instance the Bucky 40 Blinks Contoured Sleep Mask (to buy:

6. Footwear

It can get cold on a flight! Bring nice warm socks, just make sure they have a loose fit. And wash whatever you have worn in the airplane because it’s gross in there!

7. Scarf

Stay warm and bring a scarf. If budget is no issue, get your luxurious cashmere travel wrap at White + Warren (to buy: White + Warren). But then there is also the pillow and scarf in one (to buy: Amazon).

8. Travel pack of Sambrosa night syrup

Of course no long distance flight is complete without the Sambrosa 3 night travel pack. Take in half an hour before your planned sleep and dream away high in the sky! The dosage per sample bag is 5 ml, which should be enough to send you off to dreamland. Combine with a sleep mask and earplugs for optimal results (to buy: Amazon).

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