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A Healthier Way to Get A Good Nights Sleep

With very little marketing behind us, majority being word of mouth, we grew in the Netherlands to become a household name. The word spread and we were soon all over Europe, Dubai, Australia and Canada. Soon after our international success, a passionate entrepreneur and Sambrosa user stepped in and purchased the company. In September 2013, under new guidance we set out to continue our international expansion and officially launched Sambrosa Care. We have now launched in the United States and can say we are “Proudly Made In The USA”. From the beginning we set out to make a quality product without compromise and deliver A Healthier Way To Get A Good Nights Sleep.

The recipe of Sambrosa Care was discovered by a female homeopath. The European team is led by a woman and consist of all women. The American team is led by Suzanne, who is also… a woman! But no worries, we like men too. 

We are very happy and honored to be a part of the growing female entrepreneur movement.  According to data from Kauffman 40% of new entrepreneurs in the USA are now women. That is promising and exciting news. We believe that women can bring something unique to the business table, with a focus on the social side of doing business. We support personal growth and reaching your highest individual potential while respecting and helping those around us.