//Improved taste coming this summer

Improved taste coming this summer

Improved taste on Sambrosa
The number 1 lesson in business is: listen to your customers. Well.. We heard you!

We are improving Sambrosa’s taste

This summer we will introduce the same Sambrosa but with an improved taste: cherry flavor. Unfortunately we are completely sold out and the batch with the new taste is taking a bit longer to make but in the meantime we offer 2 options:

  1. Get on the email notification list: you will receive an email once Sambrosa is available again

  2. Pre-order: we will send out and bill you once Sambrosa is available again. You will receive 10% off on your pre-order of Sambrosa. We expect to have the improved Sambrosa this august

Why improved taste?

Like we said: the feedback we receive on Sambrosa is very positive except for the taste. Sambrosa is from Europe and we Europeans love licorice. Sambrosa contains aniseed oil which gives it a licorice like taste.  Coming to the USA we didn’t think about the fact that Americans are not big licorice fans. Oops!

Formula will stay the same

Since so many people benefit from the effects of Sambrosa, we will NOT change the formula. So it’s exactly the same product, with a better taste/ We really hope you will like it and look forward to hearing from you.

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