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The 3 Night Travel Pack is here

The best way to beat your jetlag: our 3 night travel pack! You can take this convenient travel pack on the airplane with you. If you are flying long distance (minimum of 8 hours) you can take one dosage / 1 sachet to relax into sleep. If 1 sachet is not enough, we recommend taking 2 sachets. The 3 night travel [...]

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Coming Soon: 3 Night Travel Pack

We heard you and now we are excited to announce our 3 Night Travel Pack.  Whether you are traveling or just want to share with a friend, our sachet pack comes with 3  single doses (3 x .17 fl. oz). Now you can get a good nights rest on a plane, in a hotel or anywhere your next adventure takes you. [...]

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Free sample with every new order

Now with every order on Amazon  or on  sambrosadreams.com  you are eligible to receive a free sample of our Sambrosa Travel Size Pack (5 ml). Share it with a friend or take it on your next adventure. Just simply reply to our order confirmation email with the address you would like us to send it to.

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Sambrosa review by FabOverfifty.com

We are very happy that Geri Brin from the website fabover50.com wanted to review Sambrosa and that she loved the product. Read her whole story here. I’ve had sleep problems since my mid 30s, when I’d pop up in the wee hours of the morning and toss and turn, unable to get back to bed. In an effort to deal with my [...]

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Sleep Conference in Calabasas

I was at a seminar last week in Calabasas, home to the Kardashians, Drake and Justin Bieber. Not only the rich and famous reside in Calabasas: insomnia too. I was speaking about our nighttime allergy relief Sambrosa and about the importance of a good night’s rest In talking to the people there, I was reminded of how many people struggle with [...]

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