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Improved taste coming this summer

Improved taste on Sambrosa The number 1 lesson in business is: listen to your customers. Well.. We heard you! We are improving Sambrosa's taste This summer we will introduce the same Sambrosa but with an improved taste: cherry flavor. Unfortunately we are completely sold out and the batch with the new taste is taking a bit longer to make but in [...]

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How to keep your skin hydrated on airplane

How to hydrate your skin on the airplane? Airplanes dry out your skin very quickly. You can board the airplane looking fresh and leave the plane looking dull, wrinkled and dry. It doesn't have to be that way! We put together 6 tips  on how to keep your skin hydrated on the airplane. Why does the skin dehydrate on flights? [...]

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Spring allergies

When you have an allergic reaction, your body identifies pollen as dangerous and releases histamines into the blood. These histamines cause a runny nose, itchy watery eyes and other allergy related symptoms. Unfortunately pollen can travel far, especially on dry windy days. Symptoms of spring allergies So how do you know if you have  allergies? Often you will have: a [...]

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Travel essentials on long distance flights

Arrive on your destination well rested and looking fabulous: it's all about bringing the right travel essentials! Let's make those long distance flights as pleasant as possible with our top 8 travel essentials: 1. Toothbrush and toothpaste This makes such a big difference! The best way to get an instant refreshed feeling. 2. Make-up remover wipes [...]

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Home remedies for beautiful glowy skin

Everyone wants it and we buy tons of products to try and get it: that beautiful glowy radiant skin. But did you know the number 1 remedy is something you do every night? Yes sleep! Giving your skin a good night’s rest so it can recover from the day, is the best thing you can do. That is why LA based [...]

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New Sambrosa Value Pack

Sambrosa Value Pack For those of you who want more Sambrosa and pay less, we are introducing the Sambrosa Value Pack. This pack contains: 5 x Sambrosa Nighttime Syrup 4 oz bottles 5 x Sambrosa single dose sachets 5 ml Instead of $89.15 you pay $65! To share with family and friends or for your own stock, the Sambrosa Value Pack offers [...]

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