//The 3 Night Travel Pack is here

The 3 Night Travel Pack is here

The best way to beat your jetlag: our 3 night travel pack!

You can take this convenient travel pack on the airplane with you. If you are flying long distance (minimum of 8 hours) you can take one dosage / 1 sachet to relax into sleep. If 1 sachet is not enough, we recommend taking 2 sachets. The 3 night travel pack complies with the airplane regulations on bringing liquids, so make sure to place it inside a zip lock plastic bag at the airport.

Arrive at your destination well rested with the travel pack

Who has time for a jet lag when you are traveling the globe? The travel pack will help you rest on the airplane and adjust to the local timezone. To read more about jet lag tips, see this post.

What a difference sleep can make when you are traveling. Sambrosa delivers sweet dreams, wherever life takes you.

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