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May 1, 2017
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Coughing at night can drive you to desperation. Coughs tend to get worse at night, keeping you from a quality sleep that you need to feel better. One of the Sambrosa Care team members is actually going through this right now and said we should write about it. Many home remedies can offer a helping hand and for those who need a little extra, Sambrosa nighttime syrup can help out.

Tips to stop coughing at night

  1. Drink a lot of fluids
    Before you go to bed, take some hot herbal tea with honey and lemon. Warm drinks can help break the mucus in your throat. Studies show that honey can help ease your throat. However, don’t ever give honey to baby’s under 1 year.
  2. Use a humidifier
    A humidifier can help keep the air moist, to battle the dry throat feeling. However, if your cough is caused by dust mites and mold then your humidifier will not help out. These little guys thrive on damp air so conditions can worsen.
  3. Keep bedroom clean
    Vacuum clean your bedroom a couple of times a week and wash your bedding once a week. Did you know you can also vacuum clean your mattress? Most vacuum cleaners will be able to get some dirt out of the mattress but there are also specialty machines that can help. We found this article of interest on how to clean your mattress: how to clean a mattress
  4. Ready for bed
    Put a glass of water and your cough medicine or drops by your bedside. This way you dont have to get up, when you wake up from cough.
  5. Sambrosa to the rescue
    Of course we will say Sambrosa works for a cough at night, but we do mean it! Our coworker took it for 2 nights and said Sambrosa helps to ease the throat like honey does (and Sambrosa contains plenty of honey) but it also helps you to fall back asleep easily when you wake up from cough. This way you still get a (relatively) good night’s rest.

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