Sleep is one of life’s great pleasures, don't let allergies keep you up at night

Allergy relief with Doxylamine so you can have sweet dreams
A base of natural ingredients that Make You Feel Good
Fast acting liquid so sleep is ready when you are
More than 20 nights of sleep per bottle

Healthier Ingredients

Allergy Relief = Good Nights Rest

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Why choose Sambrosa...

How Our Product Works

Our nighttime syrup is formulated with a unique blend of honey and organic herbs combined with active ingredient Doxylamine that relieves allergy symptoms and helps you get a good night sleep. Get the nighttime allergy relief you deserve with Sambrosa.

Read What Our Customers Have To Say

  • I am a huge fan of Sambrosa. Syrup that will turn you into a Sleeping Beauty. ~ Geri Brin, founder and editor of the website
  • My teenage son has the worst allergies of any of my children. He has to take allergy medicine 365 days out of the year. At night his allergies often keep him from getting a good night's sleep so I was super excited to be able to try an allergy medicine that contained no dyes and It also contains and real honey and natural extracts as well. I don't allow my children to ingest anything until I know every last ingredient in the product. Conclusion- I have given it to my son for five nights straight. He said he woke up much less during the night and his nasal congestion was better. Keep in mind my son is a teenager and this medicine is only for children 12 and up. It does contain 5.6% alcohol. Overall he is happy with how it works and I am happy with the ingredients.
  • I suffer from terrible seasonal allergies during the spring, and they can impact my sleep. My nose is stuffy, I'm sneezing, I'm miserable - you get the drill. It's impossible to sleep when I've got all of that going on. In the past, I've used Nyquil to get through the night. When I saw this product, I had to admit I was curious, so when I had the opportunity to try it, I jumped - I sneezed after I jumped, but I jumped :) Sambrosa Nighttime Syrup is GMO-free, which is a big deal to me. Now the heading for this product says, "best sleep syrup", so you may mistake it for a sleep aid. It does aid sleep but its primary use is as a nighttime/cold/allergy aid. It comes with a handy measuring spoon, which I certainly appreciated. I loved the taste - it reminds me of those old school Luden's Honey cough drops that I used as a kid. Very yummy. You can tell that they use real honey. Did it clear my head and put me to sleep? Absolutely. Would I buy it again? Absolutely. Great product. Five stars!
  • I am not the type to write reviews or be on the computer longer than necessary. But Sambrosa has helped me so much that I was inclined to write how happy I am having this product. It helps me calm down at night and take my mind of work and other things that keep me busy. Only rarely do I still need a sleeping pill but in all other cases Sambrosa saves my night’s rest!